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Hi! My name is Rens Wiebenga and I am currently employed as a

developer at the University Medical Center of Utrecht

and a

freelance web developer

. I pride myself on efficiency and the ability work my way around problems.

Feel free to get in touch for a chat about your project.
Hoi, mijn naam is Rens Wiebenga en ben momenteel werkzaam als

onderwijs ontwikkelaar

voor het UMC Utrecht voor de opleiding geneeskunde en als

webdesigner en webontwikkelaar te utrecht

. Als u een

website wil laten maken

of een

website ontwerp wilt

dan wil ik u uitnodigen om in contact te treden.

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The type of work I do
I would like to encourage you to browse through some of the work I have done over the last couple of years. Although some of the recent projects have been in service of the University Medical Center in Utrecht as a

e-learning developer

, there are also

freelance projects

to be found.
Contact me!
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Short hand Curriculum Vitae
Master of Arts, New Media and Digital Culture
Bachelor of Communication, Digital Communication
VWO, profile Natuur en Techniek
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2012 / Now

E-module developer, UMC Utrecht

2011 / 2012

Webdesigner, social media marketer, Work-on Studentenuitzendbureau

2009 / Now Founder of Rens Wiebenga Design & I want one of those memes
2012 Teaching assistant, Utrecht University &Radboud University Nijmegen
License A Motorcycle
License B Car
Rens is a very pleasant colleague to have. He is helpful, hard working and forward thinking. He does routine assignments well, get the most out of the tools provided and strives to enhance the final product as much as possible.
Rens is a nice colleague. He functions like a professional and is serieus when it comes to his work. He energizes the team and is often the center of social activities. Rens knows the how to walk the line between fun and hard work.
Rens is an active member of our projects and often thinks a few steps ahead. I can trust him to strive to create the best product possible in both the creation of e-modules and the as a consultant. Last but not least; Rens is very fast in the production of prototypes.
Feel free to contact me for questions regarding myself, my work as developer or any

freelance webdesign

Address: Pieter d'Hontlaan 622


Telephone: +31 (0)6 48409936
E-mail: renswiebenga@gmail.com
Website: http://renswiebenga.com/
KvK 30286910
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